About my project

I have always wanted a browser MMORTS that is more complex, engaging, interactive and punishing than what the internet has to offer, so I combined some ideas of client based strategy games with browser strategy games together while adding my own vision. Here are the main guidelines for the project:

Player can not buy his way into victory

No discrimination for players that dont support the project, by gimping their interface or progress speed

Cosmetic customizations as a thank you for supporters

Progress must depend on activity

Activity must be meaningful, not just waiting for timers

Progress must be visible

Maximum interaction with game world

Maximum interaction with other players

More complex economy than just basic 4 resources

No hamster wheels or empty content

And after few months here are the results. You are welcome to try out my materializing game. With decent visuals we added recently, the unique mechanics of the game are now easier to discover. Spend 30 minutes poking around and you will see.

Current technical state

Currently game is hosted on a dedicated PC at home on 10MB fiber optics. Your activity and support will decide whether game gets its dedicated machine in a server room for a lot BIGGER game worlds.

Future plans?

Content, feature updates, improving visuals even further.

How can you help?

I have set up a patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/kingdomborders if you wish to support my work and help it grow faster.

You can also get in touch with me at glebenkovas@gmail.com for whatever reason :)
Sergej Glebenkov
Have a nice day!


Town illustrations - Klaudia Jankowska klaudia.g.jankowska@gmail.com

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